Douwe Dijkstra is a professional senior graphic designer based in Sydney. Born and raised in The Netherlands, he relocated down under in 2003​ ​a​n​d now calls Australia​ ​home.

Photography is a strong passion for Douwe. He picked up his first camera at the age of 12. Over the years his hobby has evolved from taking family snaps with his grandfather’s camera, to creating black and white fine art in the digital age. He recently started an Instagram account @monochromevisions focusing on street photography, marking a new chapter in his photography journey.

His unique eye and creative flair make for engaging imagery, full of dynamic angles, unusual compositions, surprising reflections, strong lines, sharp light, graphic shapes, dramatic shadows, stark contrasts, candid moments and striking silhouettes.

Douwe prefers to shoot in monochrome. He simply finds it easier to capture the essence of a scene in black and white: colour is just a distraction.