“For me its all about communicating emotion. Powerful imagery makes you feel something: elated, depressed, uplifted, in despair, makes you shed a tear or remember the good times past. These elusive emotional triggers are something I am constantly looking for. I have lived with levels of depression and anxiety for periods of my life and much of the emotive nature of my work draws its inspiration from the highs and lows of those experiences.

To me, the landscape is the canvas for my artistic expression. The world doesn’t need me to document how beautiful our planet is, there are many far more talented photographers than me already doing an incredible job.

There is only ever one photographer that can genuinely share the way you yourself interact with this world.

My aim is to bring small pieces of my unique vision to life. My passions, my concerns, my emotions all play a part in producing a final image. This can often result in my work varying wildly from the given scene.”